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COMETAL, company devoted to the design and manufacture of impact sprinklers and hydraulic valves, started its industrial activity in 1980, with a clear vision: "use the most high technology in the design and manufacture of products for the more effective management and implementation of water".




Our effort has been always aimed to design and manufacture the most effective products to outflank our clients with respect to its competitors. This advantage translates into a product of high technical quality and nice design, along with a few added services such as reduced delivery times, adapting to the business needs of our clients and how information and technical training on our products at any time.



Through this website we hope to offer interactively, solutions and answers to questions or concerns that may arise. We also communicate them that we are open to any suggestion that we can raise.



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COMETAL thanks to the program of support for business innovation in Castilla - La Mancha 2015 has developed a new part circle sprinkler of plastic in its continuous commitment to innovation.

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