“Where there is a successful company, someone ever made a brave decision”



In Cometal we have a great curiosity about how the water acts when passing through the products we manufacture and, as a result, a continuous inquiry that allows us to obtain a clearer scientific vision arises, and thus, applying technology, specifying its management and obtaining Greater efficiency in its use.

Another of the points of study of great relevance are the materials that we use in our manufacture, since it is a market in constant evolution. The results obtained from these investigations about our materials are used both to improve the manufacturing process, and to optimize their interaction with the fluid.

To have a more complete confirmation on the results of our investigations, in addition to our own tests (tests in the test bench, pilot control, etc.), we collaborate with different external agencies and laboratories, including the Regional Development Institute of the University of Castilla La Mancha in Materials Science and Engineering and the National Irrigation Technology Center.






Our products are born from your ideas.

As a result of research and interaction with the client, we convert ideas into products, carrying out a thorough process that implies, not only an assessment of their technical feasibility, but also commercial and economic, obtaining as a final result a quality product It guarantees perfect operation and a long service life.


All this supported by a simple premise, to give our clients the assurance that they are not only buying a product, but also that they are acquiring the commitment of each person that is part of their production process.




The world advances, and Cometal with him.

Continuing with our commitment to continuous improvement, we do not limit ourselves to working for a product to go well, but we seek that its operation be as effective and optimal as possible.

For this we invest in equipment and programs that provide us with a technological advance in the development of new products and production processes.

Investing in innovation is investing in the future.



Parque Empresarial Campollano, C/D, nº 21
02007 Albacete (ESPAÑA)

Phone: (+34) 967 21 42 01.
(+34) 967 21 75 21

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