Technical support and training

"Who dares to teach should never stop learning"







Cometal connects with its customers.

We are committed to the satisfaction of the needs of the client and the values ​​of the company, maintaining an agile service and willing to solve all the requirements that arise.

From Cometal, we create community with our clients, contributing all the tools that are at our hand for their growth and well-being.

Technical Advice

Technical Advice

Cometal advises its clients.

We offer easy access to our technical and commercial services, which allows us to respond quickly based on the needs raised. Cometal staff analyzes each situation, guiding our clients to offer the best solution to each situation.

Our technical team has as a priority the optimal operation of our products, looking for effective and real results to all the questions that our clients ask us.



Cometal trains its customers.

We know that investing in training is investing in improvement. In order for our clients to keep up to date with the latest developments and skills in the sector, it is essential that they have access to effective training on the products they will use.

From Cometal, we offer our clients training courses tailored to their needs, which offer the knowledge and skills required for the proper management of water in irrigation, drinking water and fire fighting systems. Our technical team provides participants with tools that allow them to improve efficiency, reduce risks and increase competitive advantage.

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02007 Albacete (ESPAÑA)

Phone: (+34) 967 21 42 01.
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