KOVIS® and other accessories


KOVIS® connection fittings and other accessories

KOVIS® connection fittings

KOVIS® connection fittings

1/4” and 1/8” connections.

Safety in catching the microtube.

Safety in creating tightness in the threads.

Fast use.


Cometal offers a wide range of solenoids of Baccara and Burkert brands.

Materials: Brass and plastic

Function: NA, NC and latch

Voltage: 24V or 12V

For any other type of solenoid, please contact the Commercial Department.



RETROL® strip

RETROL® strip

To connect a RETROL® strip we only need to have the RETROL® bodies (as many as we want to connect) and a single terminal connection to place male ¾" threads at their ends.

Inlet connections: ¼" female thread

Side connections (terminals): KIT No. 1: terminal A + terminal B: ¾” male thread + ¾” male thread

                                          KIT Nº2: terminal A + plug: ¾” male thread + plug



Selector Te

Selector Te

The selector Te allows to communicate a common route with the highest between two pressure channels.

Inlet connections: ¼” female - 1/8" female - ¼” female


Glycerin gauge and raccord

Glycerin gauge and raccord

Glycerin pressure gauge:

Accuracy: 1.6%
Connection: ¼” GAS (male)
Measuring range: from 0 to 10 bar.

Conical pressure raccord:

Connection: ¼” GAS (female)
Length: 40 mm / 70 mm



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